What to do if your pool water smells awful
pool water smells awful

What to do if your pool water smells awful

You spent time and money installing a swimming pool in your backyard. It looks great, adding value to your property, but when you turn on the filter, you notice that it smells like a swampy bayou on the edge of town. What gives? It turns out there are several factors that can lead to foul-smelling pool water, so let’s identify the culprit and find some solutions to make your pool less stinky.

Several different factors cause the smell:

Contamination from the surrounding environment. If your pool is close to a sewer, storm drain, or has seepage from an underground source, this can be a problem. As with all aspects of a swimming pool, the water should be maintained at a pH level between 7.2 to 7.8 and at a total chlorine level of 1 to 3 parts per million. If levels are not maintained, it will leave the pool defenseless against contaminants in the water.

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Poor water filtration and circulation. While a filter system should be a dependable ally in keeping your pool clean and clear, it is often overlooked when maintenance is done. You should change out filter cartridges monthly and keep a watchful eye on the cartridge’s flow rate. If water flow is too weak, it may be clogged, or the impeller is damaged. Make sure your filter is not built-in to your pool wall but rather an external unit on the ground’s surface.

Excessive algae growth or leaves are entering the water. Algae break down into ammonia, which can cause strong odors in your swimming pool. The leaves from surrounding trees to grasses or plants can also introduce bacteria that can lead to a smelly pool environment if entering into the pool water.

Call a professional if you’re unsure what’s causing your pool to smell bad

It will only take a professional a few minutes to give you an indication as to what’s causing your pool to smell terrible. If you’re unsure about what’s causing the lingering odor, get in touch with a pool professional. They can perform tests and determine the source of your smelly pool water and provide a solution to get rid of the stench for good.

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If you visit http://stagsheadpub.com, you’ll see that there are many different services pool companies offer that will get rid of smelly water and prevent it from happening in the first place. Whether you want to install a new filter and pump system, build an above-ground swimming pool as replacements for the old one, or simply need a new liner due to damage from frequent use, there are plenty of swimming pool companies that provide quality service at affordable rates.

Don’t panic if one day your water begins to smell awful

Every pool owner at some time has to deal with what you’re going through right now. If your pool begins to smell worse than usual, you should contact a pool professional. They know what makes a swimming pool smell foul and can give you a plan of attack on how to resolve the problem.