Things you have to learn when exfoliating your skin

Things you have to learn when exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating can remove all the dead skin cells in your outer layer of skin. Removing it can boost your blood circulation, enhance the appearance of your skin, and lighten your skin. It has different exfoliating treatments for your skin. You better know what type of processes you have to use and how many times you need to exfoliate your skin. When you know that you have skin conditions it is better that you don’t use any exfoliation so it won’t get worse.

What do you need to use to exfoliate your skin?

To take care of your skin there are different tools and processes to exfoliate the skin. There are brushes and facial scrubs that have a physical and mechanical process of exfoliation. The skin peels and acids are chemical exfoliators.

Exfoliating depending on your skin type

Having a mechanical process to remove the dead skin out of your body. It is necessary to be soft on your skin. You can use a facial wash to damp it into your finger and make a circular movement in your face.

When you use a brush you have to do light strokes and exfoliate your skin within 30 seconds then rinse it. Rinsing your face you must use lukewarm water. You have to stop exfoliating your skin when you have wounds, cuts, or sunburn.

Sensitive skin

You don’t need to use any processes to exfoliate your skin when you know that you have sensitive skin. This can irritate and provoke your skin to red. You have to use a chemical process and use a soft washcloth. When you have acne you can use salicylic acid to remove it.

Dry skin

People that have dry skin must exfoliate their skin more often. Using a mechanical process can dry up your skin and it can cause microtears. The better way to use it is AHAs and Glycolic acid to remove the dead skin cells in the outer layer of the skin. You also need to use a moisturizer and SPF after using glycolic acid to avoid any skin damage.

Oily skin

When you have thicker or oily skin the best remedy for that is brushing and basic exfoliation. The skin has an add-up layer that a basic exfoliation can remove. To have the best results do it in a circular movement or gently scrub it.

Normal skin

When you don’t have any problems with your skin you can use any kind of exfoliation process. All are safe to use and you can test your skin to know which methods are the best for your skin.

Combination skin

You may need to use both exfoliation processes but don’t use them at the same time as it can cause irritation to your skin. When you feel that your skin is drying up after the exfoliation you can use moisturizer.