Rosin- A Complete Guide To Its Use
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Rosin- A Complete Guide To Its Use

Rosin is an aromatic cannabis extract that has recently become very popular among youngsters. It has highly concentrated cannabis of more than 80% grade. It got famous in 2015 when it first appeared in a very famous video series. The rosin extraction process, however, dates back to the beginning of the 21st century.


Rosin is one of the pure cannabis concentrates. In the process of the extraction of rosins, no solvents are used. It is extracted using hash plant material. The trichomes washed from this plant piece are heated and pressed without using solvents.


There are more than one ways to use rosin. However, some of the following ways are there to smoke rosin:

  • Dab: In this technique of dabbing the concentrate, the terpenes are highlighted, giving out all the flavors and fragrances
  • Vape: You need a vaporizer meant for cannabis concentrate to smoke like this. Load the concentrate in this vaporizer and vape it. Make sure that you don’t use a dry vape.
  • Rolls: You need to crush the rosin into powder form and wrap the powder in a joint. It makes a fuss because it gets sticky. Dehydrating it before using it can get rid of the stickiness.
  • On bong or bowl: Sprinkle the rosin powder on your bong or bowl for flavor enhancement. But you need to be considerate of the amount of rosin you are adding because it makes your bowl even more potent.
  • Bake: You can add the rosin to the dough and make baked goods using it. It would give the taste of hash to your baked items. It could also increase the terpenes in them.

Where to find the concentrates?

Now it is not easy to find cannabis concentrates or pure cannabis everywhere. It’s not a regular commodity that could be found in any supermarket and bought as a grocery product. It’s hard to find because there are very few authorized dealers. Also, it is banned in some places, making it even harder to find. But all hope is not lost; there are still some places where you can find it. The best way is to look online for authorized dealers where you can find the concentrates and buy them legally. There are several cannabis companies to choose from.

If you are intaking the concentrate, please make sure that you use a considerable amount and make sure that you don’t get addicted to it.