Purchase bare ownership – the advantages for the bare owner

Purchase bare ownership – the advantages for the bare owner

Whoever buys bare ownership has the advantage of buying the property at a cheaper price. It is therefore an attractive opportunity for investment purposes . For example, you can buy a house to be transferred later to your children. Or to be resold later at a higher price . The value of bare ownership, in fact, increases with the age of the usufructuary, as we will discuss shortly. And the bare owner has the right to resell the bare ownership at any time https://www.webuyhousesinwichitaks.com/

The greatest advantage of this type of acquisition lies above all in buying a property at a lower price than the traditional market price, as the economic value of the usufruct is reduced from that relating to the property. Therefore, the bare owner, at the end of the usufruct, will be able to obtain full possession of the property and all at a lower price than the market price. Precisely for this reason, this type of acquisition is very advantageous for making investments.

Among the ordinary expenses , for example, there may be the maintenance of the systems or those relating to the custody of the property, while the expenses due to structural interventions fall under the extraordinary maintenance. Think of the renovation of the facade or the windows of the house. As far as taxes on the house are concerned , such as Imu and Tasi seen above, they are paid by the usufructuary and this offers a considerable advantage to the bare owner, as he can postpone the payment of these taxes on the property acquired.

Calculation bare ownership

The calculation of the price of bare ownership is carried out starting from the value of the property, to be estimated through a special appraisal.

To calculate the bare ownership in the event of a lifetime usufruct, it is necessary to multiply the market value of the property by the legal interest rate in force and by the coefficients drawn up by the Ministry of Finance, which take into account the age of the usufructuary. The price of the bare ownership is given by the difference between the market value and the usufruct value. And it will be directly proportional to the age of the usufructuary: the older the age, the higher the price.