Massage Therapies For Common Travel-Related Health Problems
Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies For Common Travel-Related Health Problems

If you’re looking for ways to combat the stress, aches, and pains of a long-haul flight, put your trust in a massage therapy session. Massage therapy is a physical treatment that helps relieve discomfort, stress, and tight or sore muscles. Here are some massage therapies for common travel-related health problems:

A massage to reduce travel-related muscle tension

After a long flight, your muscles may be sore and stiff. A 광주출장마사지 may help soothe your body and relax tense muscles. It’s suggested you have a massage therapy session within an hour after your arrival at your destination. Delay the massage too long, and you may suffer from stiffness and pain in various parts of your body.

A massage to help relieve fatigue

You may not be able to sleep on a long-haul flight, leaving you feeling jittery and fatigued by the time you land. The gentle pressure of a massage can help stimulate your circulation and refresh your muscles so that they’re less tired.

Pre-Flight Massage Treatments

A massage to help relieve long-haul flight headaches

It’s common for a moderate or severe headache to develop in response to the stress and tension of a long-haul flight. A massage therapy session focuses on the neck, head, and shoulders, areas that are often affected by travel-related migraines.

A foot massage to soothe your feet

Your feet can get swollen from sitting in cramped conditions for an extended period of time. As a result, your feet may become tired and sore by the time you land. A foot massage therapy session may help relieve these symptoms.

A massage to help eliminate excess air in your body

Traveling can increase your risk of becoming suffocated by air claustrophobia, which is where you develop a fear of being trapped in more than a few square feet of space. Many people with this condition seek out the psychological benefits of feeling free and open, including the opportunity to feel the wind on their skin. A massage session that focuses on the areas below your neck can help stimulate your circulation, allowing you to experience the wind.

A massage to help relieve jet lag

You may not feel sleepy when you should and feel drowsy when you’re supposed to be alert. This is a common problem for people who are suffering from jet lag, so it’s important you try to keep yourself awake while in the air and avoid feeling tired upon landing. Taking a short walk during your flight can help get you involved in the surroundings and break your focus on the problem at hand. If you’re still tired, consider having a massage therapy session to keep your mind off jet lag.

A foot massage to eliminate tired feet

If you sit down for several hours, your feet may go numb due to restricted blood flow. A foot massage therapy session can slow down your heart rate and strengthen your pulse, helping the blood flow reach all of the parts of your body, including your feet.