Home Elevator Design Options

Home Elevator Design Options

A large number of people live on high floors of buildings across the world. These floors are typically so high that they restrict the quality of life for many people, because they are too far up to walk down to the ground floor comfortably. It is no wonder then, that many architects and designers have been developing design concepts for ascensor casa over the years.

Here are a few of the elevator design concepts that have come to light recently.

Vertical Elevator

This is a traditional type of elevator that is usually a part of an apartment building. It turns on its side to drop down a floor and then turn around to go up the floor again. This style of elevator allows the driver to see where he or she is going, but it might not fit into modern construction techniques.

Horizontal Elevator

This concept seemed like it could have been pretty cool – a horizontal elevator that goes up and down like the traditional vertical version, but only goes one way. This could possibly cut down on the number of elevators in a building to one, which would be more convenient. Considering the fact that some people just don’t like heights, this would be an improvement for them.10-15m 4 Persons Hydraulic Home Lift at Rs 350000 in Chennai | ID:  9086604297Temporary Elevator

This is kind of like a mashup between the two previous designs: it turns on its side to go up and turns around to head down again. This creates the same problem of the vertical elevator where the driver cannot see, but it is supposed to be more efficient and have more space, because it doesn’t have to turn around.

Skyscraper Elevator

This elevator concept is for buildings that are tall enough to need something different than traditional elevators. The building itself does not actually move at all, but the cabin does. This is an elevator design that is similar to the idea of a plane where you are strapped in and the plane takes off and lands, but it changes direction at different heights as it goes up and down.


This type of elevator is supposed to be able to go up and down, at any height that you want, all on its own. Just like with this car concept, you would just drive yourself into the car and the car will take off. The car will land at the desired location, and you can get out and get on with your day.

Personal Elevator

This is another one that sounds like it would come in handy when you are in a tall building and want to go up or down quickly. It drives itself up or down at whatever height you want it to go, while being able to communicate with other ships that may be nearby.