Mobile Home: What It Is, How It Works, How Much And When It Is Convenient
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Mobile Home: What It Is, How It Works, How Much And When It Is Convenient

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the idea of ​​a moving house, transportable from one place to another. The structure of a sedentary lifestyle which, on the other hand, becomes nomadic: an apparent contradiction. Are you dying of curiosity to find out if you are right?

The mobile home is an ideal solution for camping if you want to take a holiday in contact with nature without giving up the comforts of a real home. The mobile home makes it possible to realize what for many is a utopia: to live a camping life and have access, at the same time, to essential services for daily well-being

What essentially characterizes them is the fact that they have no foundations that keep them anchored to the ground. There is not a single type of mobile home or a single material for its structure, but the most common are the wooden mobile home or the mobile home on wheels that can literally move.

Once its walls were mainly made of plastic and sheet metal , but today, in addition to a wider range of materials used, there are mobile homes in different styles to suit all tastes and to adapt to the context in which they are inserted.

There is also a wide choice in terms of size, ranging from small studios of 18 square meters , up to two-room apartments or three- room apartments of 60 square meters , with external structures such as the veranda .

Anyways they are largely used as holiday residences, they are actual housing units , nowadays built with the greatly contemporary technologies: modern insulated boards , ecologically supported, conscious to honor for the habitat.

A hot-dip galvanized chassis, complete with rubberized axle, rests on a base of fireproof materials, finished in PVC and wood-edged to resist wear. Entirely insulated with a thermal coat , aluminum windows and thermal chamber , they adapt well to the external climate.

As for the plant , it is completely up to standard and is complete with electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as all the necessary sanitary systems, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet , living area with kitchen and sleeping area.